The International Research School of Planetary Sciences is a non-profit organization devoted to research and post-graduate education. The School is an emanation of the Universita' d'Annunzio and hosted by Dipartimento InGeo, but it is autonomously governed.


The IRSPS is a small visiting institution with a limited number of untenured faculty positions, some of them provided by the Faculty of Sciences of the Universita' d'Annunzio. Many research scientists joined IRSPS for a variable amount of time as postdoctoral fellows, graduate students and senior professors. The aim of IRSPS is to constitute an enthusiastic, creative, and multi-disciplinary gathering environment.


Planetary research mainly deals with the sub-disciplines of geology, geochemistry, geophysics, petrology, and exobiology. However, the IRSPS is not limited to these subjects and it welcomes scientific contributions from any field of planetology. Also, the educational programs are not restricted to those fields and they will cover the entire spectrum of planetary disciplines by joint ventures and collaborations with other international institutions.


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IRSPS - Università "G.D'Annunzio"

Viale Pindaro, 42

65127 Pescara (PE) - ITALY


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