The Università degli Studi "Gabriele d'Annunzio" (UdA) organizes a Master Degree in Planetary Sciences.


Planetary science, the study of planets and other celestial bodies, is an exciting area of study that is constantly being infused with new information from space missions conducted by space agencies around the world. Current and upcoming space missions include such diverse targets as Mercury, Venus, Mars, the asteroid belt and further afield in the outer Solar System, the Jupiter and Saturn systems and even the Kuiper Belt. Planetary science is a diverse discipline that brings together geologists, physicists, biologists and engineers.

This Master degree provides a comprehensive knowledge of planetary science through the study of planetary geology, remote sensing, theoretical modelling, astrobiology, spacecraft instrumentation and space mission development thus providing the skill set necessary for graduates to participate in the dynamic space sector both in Europe and internationally. Thanks to the broad and diverse competencies inherent in planetary science, this degree can enable different career paths including work in academic institutes and research centers, space-related industries or national/international space agencies.


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